About Carl Barney


I started building classical guitars in 1968, and built my first archtop guitar in 1972. Two years later, I built a guitar for jazz legend Sal Salvador - and began a long friendship and collaboration with Salvador (I later created the Sal Salvador Artist model for Salvador in 1980).

All guitars are handcrafted by me in my workshop. Since the mid-1970s, I have been searching and stockpiling fine instrument woods. In 1976, I purchased a good-sized quantity of Gabon ebony, as well as Brazilian and Indian rosewood. I currently uses figured woods for all models, and I have a supply of figured maple for special commissions.

I began using Adirondack (American Red) spruce for guitar tops since 1993, which is whiter in appearance than the Sitka spruce that is also available. Since mid-1996, I have built over eighty archtop guitars. Although archtops have been my main focus since 1974, I have also built over one hundred classical, flat-top acoustics, and solid body electrics since the mid-1970s

I invite you to browse my site & enjoy the works of my hands.

- Carl Barney
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